About Us

Fesco Energy simplifies the acquisition, contracting, deployment and management of energy solutions for government agencies and mission-critical organizations.

We started FESCO Energy because of a market need… government agencies and organizations with mission-critical requirements want greater service than what they are getting from the Grid today—and to be independent of it.  And that’s what FESCO Energy does—at the same—if not, less cost.

Our Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) provides secure energy generation independent of the Grid with no CapEx implications—you are merely buying electricity that is more resilient and more secure from us through our new technology.

Our proprietary Demand Reduction Audit (DRA) TM in combination with supply enhancement process enables our customers cost savings, compliance, rapid deployment and overall performance—from greater resiliency and reduced reliance on the grid to greater self-reliance, and improved cyber security.  All of this—at the same, or lower cost.

How EaaS Works

We enable the creation of nano-grid technology for our customers which we define as the ability to “self-island and black start your critical operations” if the national grid, ISO, or regulated utility “goes down” EaaS ensures continuity of power delivery at a rate equal to, or less than, your existing rates.

How We Work

We take care of the design, implementation and financing of the right blend of energy solutions that comply with the requirements and acquisition processes. This all happens while you continue your current utility usage, as before. Our streamlined process can deliver operational systems typically within eight weeks.

Government agencies, and organizations with mission-critical needs cannot afford to go down, or be compromised—or to pay more for the security, resiliency, and reliability they should demand from their energy solutions.  In an IoT world, cybersecurity hacks can happen through many energy applications and solutions and being fully dependent on the public power/energy grid has become unacceptable.