For Government

FESCO Energy is a globally capable firm that provides development, design, implementation, ownership and deal structuring for Federal government energy projects (Distributed Generation, Energy Efficiency, PPA, ESA). FESCO Energy works for government contractors that have Areawide Contracts, IDIQ contracts, special contracts and special statuses that enable the development and procurement of energy related systems.

FESCO Energy develops complete firm-fixed-price turnkey solutions that comply with energy security and resiliency requirements, and correlate the solution with preferred methods of procurement. Often times, the solution is paid for through an “off-set” strategy. This means that the resilient energy security system generates savings that offset the expense to build via CapEx, and gets paid for through the existing OpEx budget, with no additional appropriations. In a world where continuing resolutions stifle an agency’s ability to perform, FESCO Energy can deliver actionable projects under existing contracts that help the government and build EBIT based results for customers.

We specialize as a niche sales enablement organization that bridges the gap between government energy security and resiliency mandates* and commercially available contracts to develop projects, enable awards and deliver results.

*Government mandates include: National Energy Conservation Policy Act (42 USC 8287), Energy Independence and Security Act (2007) (H.R.6), Executive Order 13423 (2007), New Executive Order 13514 (2009), Presidential Memorandum (12/11/2011), Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 23.204 –Energy Savings Performance Contracting, DOE Final Rule (10 CFR Part 436)