For Utilities

FESCO Energy understands the complexities of developing area wide (UESC) projects and what is needed to protect the rate payers and the Utility from the development and execution of area wide (UESC) projects. FESCO Energy leadership has developed projects for PGW, NGRID, BGE, PEPCO, WG over the past ten years to deliver CHP, solar, lighting, motor, chiller, boiler, controls, ECM’s. From initial marketing and contact through design, implementation and financing; FESCO Energy has the tools and processes in place to deliver a successful project that insulates the Utility from any cost risks.

Utilities benefit from using their area wide by:

  • Enhanced Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction to the Utility’s largest customers without project or financial risk to the utility or its ratepayers
  • Reduced demand, energy efficiency and enhanced operational stability on the electric distribution system
  • Promotion of energy efficiency programs to utility ratepayers
  • Long term relationship development and continuance
  • FESCO Energy brings customer relationships and projects to the Utility
  • Additional conduit for delivering rebates and other financial incentives
  • Ratepayers do not subsidize this work nor do they subsidize the Federal Market Segment
  • FESCO Energy provides all financial risk & project risk

Business relationship is protected:

  • No preferential treatment is given to FESCO Energy
  • No confidential or sensitive customer information is required or needed by FESCO Energy
  • We do not speak for the utility and the utility does not speak for us
  • We only receive the same service and information as other non-affiliates would
  • Our services with Federal customers result in savings to the entire rate base
  • We are vested in the sales and development