Why Fesco Energy

FESCO will deliver cost-savings, compliance, rapid deployment and overall performance—from greater resiliency and reduced reliance on the grid to greater self-reliance, and improved cyber security.  All of this—at the same, or lower cost.

Our nano-grid EaaS* approach leverages your  existing OpEx budget used to pay for utility expenses, as before.  The difference is that we create an onsite power supply for your mission and task-critical needs that is cyber secure and resilient–for extended durations— enabling you to be fully compliant with congressional mandates and executive orders.

And because your onsite energy supply is operated by a third-party (us),  it doesn’t require any initial investment from you to start the service. And, we do this through a mutually acceptable power purchase agreement.

Bottom line – EaaS costs the same or less than grid supplied energy, and provides a multitude of operational, security, business and carbon reduction benefits.

Most importantly, EaaS allows organizations the flexibility to make choices regarding:

  • Diversification of their energy portfolio
  • Environmental impact of the energy they use
  • Ownership of energy generation assets
  • Dependence on the grid and/or their own distributed generation assets
  • Redundancy and resiliency
  • Pricing and financing
  • Bill issuance and consolidation

* EaaS can include any of these energy generating systems:  solar, fuel cell, CHP, simple cycle linear generators, battery storage, etc.