FESCO Energy is an energy services company, renewable energy developer, system operator, commodity supplier, and an asset-owner company. We assist customers in the investigation, quantifying, qualifying, implementation, and financing of energy savings, renewable energy, and energy storage projects.

Through our work, our customers permanently reduce costs and emissions, secure grant and rebate money, and hedge against energy risks (both financially and operationally) while also meeting their fiscal and sustainability goals.

FESCO develops and executes energy savings projects for the Department of Defense, Civilian Agencies under Utility Energy Services Contracts (UESC), and Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC’s). We also receive direct awards through our Alaskan Native Corporation 8(a) joint venture with Midnight Sun, a Kikiktagruk Inupiat Corporation.

FESCO was established in 2018 by John Bradley Dukes and Aldric Seguin, who bring decades of expertise and knowledge to the company. Dukes and Seguin’s revolutionary work in energy data and solutions has transformed how energy is used, reduced, controlled, and paid for in the federal, health, education, and commercial/industrial markets throughout the US. Their steadfast focus and award-winning work has delivered proven and affordable energy technologies—combined with energy savings guarantees—to various organizations, significantly reducing their energy-related risk and the impact of climate change.

FESCO Energy supports innovations in the energy marketplace that will usher in new ways to manage and control energy to bring the world closer to net-zero emissions. Through these efforts, FESCO Energy has established itself as a Safer World Group organization, a holding company initially founded decades ago.

FESCO Energy guarantees energy savings and offers off-balance sheet financing to protect your bottom line in the pursuit of cost control and clean energy investment.

FESCO At A Glance

  • Zero EMR rating
  • Zero OSHA recordables
  • 100% small business
  • 20 years of Areawide experience
  • $40 million in bonding