FESCO Energy helps customers meet their objectives of action and reporting by helping them make smart, actionable decisions founded in data and analysis. We benchmark energy performance and best practices, identify energy-and cost-saving opportunities and calculate ROI. Mapping out each potential outcome, FESCO makes strides by modeling different financing and operational scenarios to get the job done and satisfy each client’s needs.

Working with a given budget, FESCO analyzes your current energy expenses to create a baseline and compare the baseline to a more energy efficient design providing you with exact pre and post energy consumption. With continuous dashboard analytics you will have month-to-month comparisons of your energy usage and expense compared to actual energy usage and expense.

If you are curious about your energy usage and what analytics we can glean from them, contact FESCO to open the door toward a greener and more affordable future. We partner with an array of businesses, working in tandem with their unique needs to chart an energy system that maximizes revenue and trims excess cost while investing in renewable resources.