No renewable resource shines as brightly as solar energy. Combined with properly designed and constructed battery storage a solar/battery system offers stronger predictability and mighty cost savings. Fortunately, FESCO is leading the field in evolving the asset ownership structure related to how businesses can utilize renewable intermittent electrical generation as base load supply.

Here’s how it works: at no capital expense to your business, solar farms are built to capture and deliver clean energy to nearby electric grids, from which clients purchase their energy harvested from the SUN. Routing its power to the utility, this energy requires no complex wiring or pricey equipment to install. It is a trend that has shown consistent double digit growth over the past few years, and the benefits are clear: lower prices that satisfy companies, and an investment in the planet’s future through reduced use of emission releasing energy generation. 

If your company is considering a switch to cleaner energy and a brighter future, FESCO is here to be your one-stop, go-to energy services company. We will handle everything from price analysis, zoning, permitting, interconnect, engineering, procurement, construction and licensing and the long term care and maintenance of the system(s). Help us help you reduce your emission profile, reduce costs, save money and turn your old infrastructure into a more sustainable one.