The move to reduce reliance on grid supplied energy is typically something only the largest and well financially backed companies can execute on. FESCO reduces the market barriers for small to midsize entities to reduce their reliance on the grid. Electrical, gravity, mechanical, and air storage systems are viable energy storage mediums that marry nicely to carbon free generation systems.

Compressed air energy storage is a dependable and sustainable alternative to rare earth containing battery systems. Why invest in this energy storage option?

A number of factors make it a compelling and appealing choice:

  • A longer life expectancy than the average commercial energy battery
  • Less expensive
  • Much lower maintenance
  • Much more simplistic in its technology and use

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) systems behave similarly to solar farms, allowing for underground/underwater caverns/vessels to store and release air to channel energy to spin turbines that generate power. CAES works well with both small- and large-scale businesses, providing a rich energy reserve for companies looking to switch up and save on their energy habits.

FESCO delivers 1,700 HP of critical compressed air systems for the Department of Defense 

FESCO® was selected to design and build a 1,700 HP compressed air system to ensure medical quality air at 90PSI to serve critical processes. The project included cyber security integration with the DOD closed-restricted network. The new compressed air system design provided primary and redundant operations/capabilities to limit single points of failure and was built without contributing new square footage to the base. The image below is a segment of one self-contained compressed air plant.