The conservation of an invaluable resource is in the human races best interest. Water plays such a critical role in our everyday lives yet it is one of the most undervalued resources. According to the Dept of Homeland Security, if water supply was distributed for more than 24 hours to energy generator systems nearly half of all generation in the US would stop.

Water conservation retrofits are one of the ways FESCO helps upgrade companies’ outdated systems. Water conservation actions like stormwater storage of irrigation, irrigation analytics, and plumbing upgrades all contribute to a more consistent and appealing utility budget while meeting water protection/sustainability goals.

Inextricably linked to water conservation is water supply and distribution. Water service companies continue to compete with each other, leading to an increase in cost and a decrease in tax revenues. All the while, these providers are operating on aging systems making it harder to maintain accurate water meters, keep up with leak detection, and more. As energy technology evolves, older structures struggle to meet the demands on modern business.

Automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) are just two examples of newer systems that FESCO offers, providing more accurate and reliable insights for companies tracking energy use.

A partnership with FESCO is an investment in stronger and more affordable water conservation, reducing cost and use and improving system effectiveness in the pursuit of cleaner energy and stronger businesses.