Our team of professionals consists of some of the most seasoned and knowledgeable in the energy services industry. Their experience successfully delivering engineered energy solutions to the federal government, public sector, higher education, healthcare, and other institutions nationwide spans nearly five decades.

Our in-house and partner company team member capabilities include:

  • 3,837 engineers (CEM, PE, CISSP, HVAC, FAS, SCADA)
  • 948 construction and project management specialists
  • 562 Quality Assurance/Quality Control, EHS

FESCO’s Highlights

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE – Backed by private capital with leadership from top business leaders in the energy and financial markets, FESCO invests in customers to leverage their energy expenses to deliver cost savings and emission reductions. This empowers customers to replace inefficient equipment, enhance operational usage of energy, and implement tools maximizing resilient energy generation.

SMART ENERGY MARKETPLACE – FESCO’s Energy Coalition of private/public sector, institutional investors, and entrepreneur partner companies leverages centuries of energy institutional knowledge and cutting-edge tech startup ideas to speed the development and deployment of investment-worthy projects across the US.

PROJECT STAFF – Professional engineers and certified energy managers execute each of our unique projects with the help of proprietary and commercially available software systems. FESCO is also under special agreements with service and manufacturer businesses including; Siemens, Trane, Wood Group Engineering, Miller Brothers, and others to provide specialized engineering support for CHP, battery storage, renewable generation, microgrid, and cyber projects.

SAFETY – FESCO has an EMR rating of Zero, an OSHA recordables of Zero. Our safety 323 page Environmental, Health and Safety Plan is customized for each project to ensure the proper and appropriate safeguards are in place for each specific project.

EXPERIENCE – FESCO has developed and implemented projects for Dept. of Homeland Security, US Navy, US Army, US Air Force, Army National Guard, Veterans Affairs, industrial/commercial, multi-family, and educational customers.

ENERGY SAVINGS CONTRACTS – We offer securitization of energy cost savings needed for the finance payments, ensuring the cost savings pays for the energy efficiency project.

Your energy budget (electricity, gas, liquid fuel(s), water, maintenance) represents a significant operational expense and is subject to market volatility that impacts earnings. Energy market volatility and its impact on earnings is exacerbated during polar vortex or heat wave type events, which are becoming more frequent. FESCO has a unique method of developing energy efficiency and distributed generation projects that minimize energy OPEX risk while improving comfort and operability and also reducing energy and water consumption, this reducing the potential OPEX impact related to energy market volatility.

Working within your budget, FESCO; engineers, builds, and maintains highly energy-efficient equipment upgrades. Historically energy projects deliver significant energy and operational savings each year — typically 25 to 45% —  and those savings fund the energy capital improvements you need now, with no upfront cost, debt, risk, or obligation. Through an Energy Services Agreement, FESCO upgrades your equipment and guarantees how much you will save and how much your revenues will increase.

FESCO Projects
  • Are paid for through cost and energy savings.
  • Stay off your balance sheet and act as an investment in your infrastructure.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Are sustainable.
  • Improve your energy resiliency.
  • Address deferred maintenance, without requiring your capital.

We provide in-house financing and analytical expertise with access to over $1 billion of investment capital for your energy projects. 

We offer:

  • off-balance sheet investment with cost savings.
  • commodity-structured resilient sustainable generation.
  • finance for project sourcing and construction.
  • the ability to secure utility rebates, incentives, and grants.

As a one-stop energy services provider, we are staffed to provide personal attention and seamless delivery from project inception to completion. 

You’ll receive:

  • a single point of contact who has a personal stake in your project’s long-term success.
  • exceptional communication and information-sharing throughout your project.
  • flexible scheduling.
  • a timely completion of your project.
  • project training and education for your employees.
  • ongoing energy support.
  • reverse auction commodity programs.
  • utility bill analysis.