Energy use and utilities might be aspects of a business you don’t often consider — you set up their systems, automatically pay the bills, and don’t give them much of a second thought. In a way, this is preferred by some companies; they secure you as a customer, collect your money, and no one questions it. But distributed clean energy empowers companies EBITA by controlling costs and increasing operable probability: it gives you the long-term ability to maximize sustainability goals, optimize and predict performance. 

FESCO’s approach to distributed generation of energy systems across multiple sustainable channels lowers the market entry expense and can lead to many innovations that can; speed up time to market for your product, enable ramping up/down of production without incurring unforeseen expenses, reduce capital expense of new construction, plus-up net operating income for property developers, and most notably leverage your energy demands with a company whose CORE EXPERTISE is ENERGY.

The smart combination of energy technology, sourcing, and efficiency can immensely impact a business’s financial and sustainability goals. Distributed energy and the solutions it generates not only streamline and conserve energy but can also reduce costs and open your company up to grants, rebates, and other financial incentives that are not necessarily known.

Working with FESCO on such distributed generation means you gain access to:

  • an award-winning industry leader in the movement toward clean, renewable energy.
  • a company guaranteeing your energy performance.
  • Minimized price volatility for energy.
  • off-balance sheet financing.
  • a 100% small business with a zero EMR rating and zero OSHA recordables.