During the COVID-19 pandemic, providing safe, clean and reliable energy service to our customers has never been more important. We understand our foundational role in responding to this crisis for as long as it takes our communities to recover, and we are dedicated to our mission of providing safe, clean, reliable energy services.


Support for Our Customers

FESCO strictly follows our corporate Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) plan which includes response to infectious diseases and mitigation practices. These include the suggestions of CDC to socially distance, wear face masks, disinfect surfaces regularly and frequently wash hands with hot water and soap for no less than 20 seconds. FESCO encourages our customers requiring assistance to reach out to local health officials for guidance and treatment if needed.

All FESCO operating companies are working to ensure everyone continues to have access to reliable energy services during these difficult times.

Support for Our Employees

FESCO’s leadership, safety and occupational health professionals have endeavored tirelessly throughout the pandemic, informed by guidance from the HHS/NIH/ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to ensure that employees who continue to report to company facilities and job sites have the additional equipment they need to safely continue to provide an essential service to our customers in a manner consistent with FESCO EHS plan and any customer’s site specific EHS plan, as applicable.

FESCO has taken many steps to protect the health of our employees, including implementing additional precautionary measures at our office locations and project sites, practicing social distancing, staggering shifts, instituting enhanced cleaning procedures at our facilities/work locations and requiring the use of masks for employees who may need to enter a client’s business or who are not able to perform their work while maintaining social distancing.