Saving money and energy: FESCO’s approach to financing your projects.

FESCO delivers cost savings in excess of the fees required to build your energy efficiency project. Our design philosophy leads from two core principles: realizing your practical and aesthetic vision, and executing it in a way that the client quickly recoups all money spent via rich savings in reduced utility and energy use. While every project is different, our customers share one common goal: increasing energy efficiency to make infrastructure improvements that generate immense savings.

To start, we identify the possible energy measures (engineering calculations, design, and controls sequencing, amongst others) needed for our projects in a manner consistent with third-party financiers’ expectations to secure the lowest cost of capital. We will then leverage our Financial Partner Network to match the optimal price specific to your project’s requirements. This can include an off-balance sheet contract, standard capital lease, and/or FESCO-owned assets to serve your property.

Depth of Experience

Our team has extensive experience in the development and actualization of a multitude of energy-related projects. This executive team has structured over $1.7 billion in energy-related projects for federal and non-federal customers alike.

Our Partner Network

FESCO Energy competes lenders for your financing needs, seeking the best terms and lowest cost of capital based on your project type. Sample partners include: