Energy efficiency is studying the existing energy consumption, then replacing inefficient equipment with new systems and upgrading controls, starting with the largest energy consumers. The realized reduction in energy cost provides the annual capital needed to pay for the equipment installed. Energy efficiency enables buildings that have suffered through deferred maintenance to be modernized without a capital budget. 

FESCO conducts the initial project scoping, detailed technical review, project assessment, implementation, and financing, guaranteeing energy and water savings ranging between $500,000 and $35,000,000. We are a turnkey provider of energy efficiency and guaranteed energy savings projects. 


  • Deep energy retrofits that reduce up to 55% of a facility’s energy consumption
  • Area and street lighting upgrades to LED fixtures and controls
  • HVAC upgrades in all buildings 
  • Central plant upgrades, which replace boilers, chillers, motors, and pumps and enhance controls
  • Controls upgrades, energy dashboard, retro commissioning 

It is critical to evaluate your energy usage to understand the interaction between your energy supply and demand. Your energy usage has untapped market economic capabilities that can be unlocked by FESCO for your benefit, yielding new net operating income that may not be reflected in your operating budget. As part of every energy efficiency project, FESCO differentiates itself by navigating complex regulated incentive programs, evaluating interruptible vs. firm gas supply, and investigating competitive commodity rates. We also negotiate special tariff rates with utilities, build on-site energy generation/storage systems to avoid peak energy rates, and create energy efficiency projects based on your energy usage pattern(s).

Our approach to your energy project delivers the greatest project economics and shifts risk from your balance sheet

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No Fees

We understand that most businesses do not budget for energy evaluations. Few take steps to quantify the financial and technical implications of modernizing a company, even if it means big savings are on the horizon. That is why FESCO provides an evaluation to businesses without any fees or obligations.

Off-balance Sheet Financing 

If you decide to move forward with a project, FESCO will guarantee the savings and arrange off-balance sheet financing.

Project Staff

Our project approach utilizes professional engineers, certified energy managers, and project management professionals along with proprietary software systems, Trance Trace, and Microsoft Project. FESCO is also under special agreements with Siemens, Trane, Wood Group Engineering, Miller Bros., and others to provide specialized engineering support for CHP, battery storage, renewable generation, microgrid, and cyber projects.

Project Implementation

FESCO has an EMR rating of Zero, OSHA recordables of Zero, and $40 million payment and performance bonding capacity. 


FESCO has developed and implemented projects for VA, DHS, Navy, Army, Air Force, NPS, Industrial, multi-family, and educational customers. 

  • Customized energy dashboard
  • Lighting & lighting controls
  • Hvac system replacement/upgrades
  • Retro commissioning/rcx
  • Chiller and motor replacement
  • Motor replacement & vfd
  • Fuel switching – cng/lng
  • Boiler enhancements
  • Solar
  • Onsite generation
  • Dept of defense
  • Federal civilian agencies
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Industrial & manufacturing
  • Private universities
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Hospitals, elder care
  • Pharmaceutical & biotech
  • Reit & commercial properties
  • Hotels
  • Multi-family
  • Energy efficiency
  • Solar
  • Battery storage
  • Electricity and natural gas
  • Chilled water as a service
  • Compressed air as a service
  • Off-balance sheet financing
  • Distributed generation
  • Chp/ fuel cells