As a leader in the movement to fuel companies with renewable energy, FESCO collaborates with a diverse array of companies from powerful industries. These companies span the nation — and the gamut in terms of their professional work, from the federal government and Department of Defense to healthcare, agriculture, education, and more. In working with commercial and industrial companies of all sizes, FESCO carefully analyzes a businesses’ energy usage and prioritize ways in which that energy can be more efficiently used, saving money, and utilizing cleaner energy along the way.

Whether the right solution includes renewable power systems, energy storage battery systems, distributed energy, or some other solution, our energy-efficient plans yield ROI’s in the double digits for our many clients. We simplify and execute the contracting, deployment, and management of energy solutions so companies can power their business while reaching their economic and sustainability goals.

Benefits Of Working With FESCO

  • Requires zero capital (all development expenses are paid by FESCO®)
  • Off-balance sheet financing
  • Guarantees energy performance
  • Significantly reduces OPEX from electricity or liquid/gas fuel price volatility
  • Improves your business continuity, under any conditions
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Enables facilities to operate in island mode through black start and cyber secure designs— completely independent of the power grid
  • Enhances your reliability from possible grid outages or lengthy in-service dates
  • Increases energy resiliency
  • Provides energy dashboards for single or multiple facilities
  • Enables Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) reporting of energy usage details, as needed by the Agency
  • Federal-centric with experience delivering energy projects for nearly all agencies that include direct awards, financed energy projects, direct appropriations, manufacturing, and service contracts
  • FESCO invests in the development of projects without customer (utility, government) obligations compliant with FAR 15.201 1.b
    FESCO’s joint venture with Alaskan Native Corporations 8(a)
  • Direct awards up to $100 million with DOD without a J&A
  • 0 EMR
  • 0 OSHA recordables
  • NAICS Codes needed for energy work