Frederick, MD – April 22nd, 2020

FESCO Energy (FESCO) received a contract award in the 2nd quarter of 2021 to provide engineering, design, and construction services for water efficiency and water main replacement measures at the US National Park Service, at the Natchez Park in TN. The project improves water access and replaces failed water infrastructure.

“I am extremely proud to have the opportunity to serve this Agency of the US Federal Government with a water infrastructure project that improves the supply of water and decreases site specific water losses related to infrastructure, while generating cost savings in a sufficient capacity to pay for the projects capital, said John Dukes, President of FESCO Energy.”

This project includes the design/installation of new water main pipes, valves and various other mechanical components and required traffic control, excavation and remediation. The project was complete on time/ on budget and without interrupting the Agencies mission.

More about FESCO

FESCO Energy (FESCO) delivers Environmental, Social and corporate Governance energy strategies & design/build projects to its customers to increase use of low carbon electricity consumption and reduce overall energy/water consumption. FESCO is a total small business, and a minority owner of an Alaskan Native Corporation 8(a); that provides energy services for regulated Utility’s under their Public Utility Areawide Contract(s) in over 30 States. FESCO is also a supplier of electricity and natural gas in all deregulated markets.