Frederick, MD – April 27th, 2022

FESCO Energy and Washington College have entered into an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) agreement to implement a campus wide infrastructure upgrade that will result in extensive energy, water, carbon and cost savings. The project is expected to realize a 41% reduction in electric consumption, 57% reduction in fuel consumption, and a nearly 32% reduction in water consumption annually while also providing operations and maintenance of various systems for the 15-year term of the contract. The project reduces 82% of total greenhouse gas emissions currently attributable to the college.  Approximately half of the project funds will be used to enhance the student experience by rehabilitating the energy systems at several dorms and the remaining funds will be used for campus wide energy, water, environmental sustainability, and operational improvements.

Washington College’s engagement with the preeminent ESG integrator, FESCO ENERGY, will enhance campus conditions, promote overall sustainability, and improve the reliability and quality of facility operations.

The planned improvements that cover 43 facilities at the campus include: new digitally connected HVAC systems in dorms, new VRVVRF and HVAC systems, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting retrofits/replacements, interior water fixture improvements, exterior water landscaping enhancements, retro commission of existing control system(s), new windows, and replacement roofs. All selected solutions specifically address the immediate objectives of the College to reduce electricity, gas, water/sewer and #2 fuel oil consumption by approximately 47%.

The project will be entirely self-funded over the term by using the utility consumption reductions that are generated by the implemented conservation measures. FESCO Energy partnered with Maryland-based Hannon Armstrong (NYSE: HASI), a leading investor in climate solutions, to provide project related financing.

“We are extremely proud of our collective personnel and partners who continued the development of the project during the pandemic. The team never lost sight of the goal to improve both the student experience and the college’s energy infrastructure while reducing energy costs by $1.2 million annually, capturing $1.3 million of available rebates and grants, and significantly reducing site specific greenhouse gas emissions. The end result is a fantastic project which generates cost savings in a sufficient capacity to pay for the project’s capital”, said John Dukes, President of FESCO Energy.

Project construction will begin in April 2022 and is expected to be completed by May 2023.

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