Frederick, MD, July 14,  2021 –  FESCO Energy (FESCO), has been awarded a $14.6 million Utility Energy Services Contract (UESC) to provide engineering, design and construction services for energy efficiency, carbon reducing fuel switching and renewable energy generation systems for a prominent US Federal Research Agency.

The project improves energy resiliency by reducing energy demand and consumption, adding 2.7MwDC of behind the meter solar generation and establishing a compressed natural gas (CNG) letdown station enabling dual fuel capability for critical infrastructure. Switching to CNG from #2 fuel oil and installing 2.7MW of solar significantly reduces source emissions while increasing the resiliency factors related to performance of task and mission. The project also includes campus wide LED lighting upgrades, water fixture upgrades, side stream filtration improvements, low NOx controls, and retro commissioning services.

“I am extremely proud to have the opportunity to serve this Agency of the US Federal Government with energy services that improve energy resiliency, decrease GHG emissions while generating cost savings in a sufficient capacity to pay for the projects capital and financed costs over a brief financed period. The Customer, FESCO’s team and those of our partner companies worked tirelessly through 2020 to conduct the assessments and detailed energy studies required to meet the objectives of the project”  said John Dukes, President of FESCO Energy.

The project scope incorporates energy generation equipment, new transformers, SCADA interface, fiber optics, a compressed natural gas let down station, dual fuel boiler conversions, controls upgrades; and connection between the existing and new systems to support mission and task critical processes without interrupting the Agencies mission.


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John Bradley Dukes