Frederick, MD – 30th April, 2019

In April of 2019 the LAANG awarded an energy and energy resiliency study to the FESCO Energy team for the identification of energy conservation and resiliency measures across all Guard locations in Louisiana, totaling more than 18 locations and 2 million square feet. This study represents a 10-month effort which will identify the pre-condition energy and water usage related to mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; and propose energy efficiency recommendations to improve the efficiency, resiliency and capability of the energy infrastructure to support the Guards mission, said John Dukes President of FESCO.

The study identified over 100 million of measures that would reduce existing energy expenses by $7MM annually and included the following recommendations: SCADA, back-up generation, controls, lighting, solar hot water, solar electrical, electrical storage, thermal storage, HVAC upgrades, motor upgrades, VFD installation and the application of onsite prime power generation to ensure persistence of mission without the electrical grid.